Young Begonia Plug Plants - Grown from seed!



These fabulous Begonia mini plug plants are now available to pre-order online.  Our mini-plugs are 50% larger than normail mail order suppliers!  We grow our own so you buy direct from the grower (No middle-men) !

Our plants are larger which means a longer shelf life, more root, bigger plants, establishes faster = a superior product!

PLEASE NOTE:         2017    

Available in 2 batches:

Batch  1 (27th March)
Batch  2 (24th April)

When placing an order you must select a batch date.

PLEASE NOTE - as growing is not an exact science and seasonal weather can vary,

these dates are only approximate and can be 7/10 days either side. (although most years we do manage to get close).. 
If you have chosen to collect your plants please telephone the nursery nearer the time to confirm if your order is ready .


4 varieties to choose from:   Mixed / Red / Rose / White 

These are also available in Green Leaf ; Rose, Scarlet, & White, if you require these colours, please give us a call to order them.

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