Fruit Trees & Soft Fruit Bushes


Welcome to our fruit trees and soft fruit bushes section.  The following information is regarding our availability for retail at the nursery during season.  This is a small part of what will soon be available, so if your favourite plant is not listed, please call us to enquire. 


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Available at Mount Folly now - See Below:

Apricot - Prunus armeniaca

Cooking Apple - Malus Bramley's Seedling

Desert & Cooking Plum - Prunus Victoria

Damson - Prunus Merryweather

Cherry - Prunus May Duke x gondouinii (all purpose)
Cherry - Prunus Morello (sour for cooking)

Apple - Malus Cox's Orange Pippin
Apple - Malus Gala
Apple - Malus James Grieve

Pear - Pyrus Williams' Bon Chretien

Plum - Prunus Merryweather


Honeyberry - Lonicera caerulea kamtschatica

Raspberry - Rubus Autumn Bliss
Raspberry - Glen Ample
Raspberry - Tulameen

Kiwi-fruit - Actinidia deliciosa Jenny

Fig - Ficus carica Brown Turkey

Blackcurrant - Ribes nigrum Ben Connan

Redcurrant - Ribes rubrum Jonkheer Van Tets

Whitecurrant - Ribes rubrum White Versailles

Gooseberry - Ribes uva-crispa Hinnonmaki Red

Thornless Blackberry - Rubus Adrienne

Blueberry - Vacciunium Sunshine Blue (TASTY!)

Cranberry - Vacciunium macrocarpon