Garden Plants Videos - Mount Folly Movies


From time to time, as and when our photography and videography footage is eventually sorted and processed, we like to release pretty videos of our extensive range of garden plants, all of which are available at Mount Folly Nurseries.

We hope you enjoy the show!


2013 Mount Folly Video v1

This is all the clips from below merged in to one enormous 9 minute movie.  And the music is a bit... well..... ^^

Pinks Pot Plants


Apple Trees


Primula & Polyanthus


Verbena Lanai


Trailing Petunias - Surfinas


Trailing Petunias - Tumbelinas

Specimen Plants & Trees from Italy's "The Green Line" Linea Verde

Fruit Trees & Softub Fruit Bushes - What's Your Favourite?  Grow it!


Million Bells








Traiing Geraniums


Scented Geraniums


f1 Geraniums


Regal Pelargoniums


Begonia Bedding Plants


General Bedding Plants A-Z Movie