5 Great Reasons to Grow Plug Plants in Spring


1) Abundance of plants.

If you want to a garden that's bursting into life then try growing on your own plug plants. You can get a huge variety in a big numbers at this time of year, well rooted by the Mount Folly team who have got them off to a good start for you. Hot pink surfinias are stunning in full flower and easy to grow - they look particularly spectacular with biddens aurea if you like bright colours that even belie the awful English weather we've been having and still make you feel summery in the rain. If you grow them on, you can put one single plant in a ten inch basket later in the season and your front porch will be delightfully colourful. Million bells are also available in a plethora of colours and give a wonderful feeling of fullness to your baskets and tubs. If you like a feeling of variety, mix up your patio plants - verbena and bacopa are elegant additions to any planter and will make a show of even the cheapest plastic baskets and tubs.

TIP! Make sure you pinch the tips as they grow to keep them bushy and well branched. This will give you more flowers throughout the season. Keep them well fed with slow release fertiliser.

2) Gardening Costs &
Choice of Plant Varieties
Plug plants are much lower cost than more established plants - you can choose from literally hundreds of varieties and start planning your gorgeous outside room today for a fraction of the price. Plug plants are grown on and established enough that they are not as vulnerable as a seedling, but small enough that you can make great savings. Furthermore, some varieties like senetti, are hardy and you will be able to keep them in your garden the year round. Catch them while they're young!


3) Gardening Satisfaction

It can be incredibly rewarding to take something small and watch it grow and develop. You will be even more exceptionally proud of your flower beds, pots, tubs and window boxes, knowing that you nurtured your plants from toddler like plugs. Even Graham, proprietor of Mount Folly, who has grown millions of plants in the last 30 years still describes the thrill of seeing 'roots where there were not roots before'. The first time you see a bud on a plant you have grown on yourself is a very satisfying moment.

4) Growing Education
You will learn a lot by growing on young plants, and the Mount Folly team will always be on hand to give you the necessary advice if you get stuck. This will make you a better gardener overall. It will make your gardening time more efficient and your budget go further as you are more likely to spot problems in the garden sooner, know what steps to take to solve problems and when to ask for help.

5) Win £100 in our Garden Competition!
This year Mount Folly are sponsoring the About My Area Garden Competition, and you could win a £100 voucher to spend at Mount Folly. Plug plants give you the abundance, choice, variety and education at a reasonable price to have a garden that will lift your spirits even in the most drab of summers (should we have another one!). Show off what you can grow and take lots of lovely photos - you could win £100 to keep your garden cheerful through the winter too!