How to grow Tuberous Begonias - Tenella


1) Try to give them a little shelter - the flowers can be damaged in stiff wind.

2) Keep them well drained and well fed with slow release fertiliser.

3) The large female flower will get larger if you remove the smaller male flower that hangs down just behind it. Pinch the male flower gently to remove it taking care not to damage the large flower.

More about Tenella Trailing Begonias

Tuberous begonias are beautiful with their fantastic bright colours and big impressive flowers. Mount folly stocks a fantastic range of these gorgeous seasonal plants, and this season already customers have travelled from as far away as South Wales to buy their selection of them.

Colours Description
Pink Candy-pink double flowers.
Rose Deep Rose double flowers
Salmon-Orange Rich Salmon-orange double flowers
Scarlet Bright red double flowers
White Clear White double flowers
Yellow Rich Yellow double flowers
Mixed We also grow a batch from mixed seed, which often produces some beautiful crossbred colours not available as separate colous. Off the shelf as seen.

Tuberous begonias not only give a great splash of colour in mixed tubs or baskets with other patio plants such as bacopa and helichrysum, but also always give a fantastic display when used as the only plant in a tub or basket.