Mount Folly Nurseries 2011 Spring Newsletter


Dear Friends!

We are potting and propagating like crazy again, getting ready for the coming season and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your previous interest in Mount Folly Nurseries, and to send you a link to the 2011 Plant List Brochure

We have lots of new plants and categories available this year including an expanded fruit, veg and herb plants section, and a wider variety of scented geraniums, and much more!  The plant list attached does not (and could not!) include details of every single plant.  For our entire range this year, we have now updated all the lists and categories on our ever expanding website

We hope there is something here of interest to everyone, and look forward to any enquiries you may have.  Also, please see our senetti plug plants and our mini plug plants section for current home delivery plants:

Senetti Plug Plants - Buy Online

Any order - Any size - £6.95 Delivery
For small orders, call us for a cheaper delivery!
For collection pre-orders, call us to avoid delivery charge on website!


Blue, Blue Bicolour, Deep Blue, Lavender, Magenta, Magenta Bicolour, Violet Bicolour


Miniplug Plants

Young plants from seed

Our mini-plugs are 50% larger than normal mail order suppliers! We grow our own so you buy direct from the grower! No middle-men! Our plants are larger which means a longer shelf life, more root, bigger plants, establishes faster = a superior product!

Busy Lizzie miniplugs Begonia miniplugs Double Petunias
Trailing Lobelia miniplugs Upright Lobelia miniplugs  

Don't forget that 99% of our plants are all grown on site!

For further information on our range available at the
nursery this year, please view the following categories:




Mount Folly Garden Plant Category List:

 Bedding Plants
 Fruit & Vegetable Plants
    Trailing & Basket Fuchsias
    Pot or Bush Fuchsias
    Hardy Fuchsias
    Triphylla Hybrids Fuchsias
    Trailing Ivy Leaf Geraniums
    Zonal Geraniums
    Regal Pelargoniums
    Scented Geraniums
    f1 Bedding Geraniums
 Hanging Baskets
 Patio Plants
    General Patio Plants
    Tuberous Begonia
    New Guinea Lizzie
 Plug Plants
    Senetti Plug Plants
    Busy Lizzie Plug Plants
    Begonia Plug Plants
    Double Petunia Plug Plants
    Trailing Lobelia Plug Plants
    Upright Lobelia Plug Plants
 Polys & Prims
 Specimen Plants
 Trees & Shrubs

Once again, we thank you for your interest in Mount Folly. 

Kind regards,

Graham, Angela, 2 X Adam, Daren, Mark, Jason, 3 X Alex, and Margaret!