A very popular basket or pot plant which does well on exposed patios. These hybrids tollerate sun and recover well after a rain.


Either pick and choose for £1.50 per plant
Or order 10 of a colour and pay only £1.20 per plant!

Spoilt for choice with 8 different colours to choose from. All of which are vigorous growers. If you start early enough then 3 plants in a 14" basket is plenty.

We put a dozen in 60cm (24") patio pot and it made a mound of colour 5ft around, amazing value !

Available from early March through to late April as a 40mm plug plant which can be planted directly into your basket or potted on to make larger plants. They must be given frost protection and not put outsde until all fear of frost has passed.

Why not try some colour combinations like the Burgundy and Lime or Blue and Purple !

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