Surfinias at Mount Folly

Traditional strong growing petunia, having dense foliage and abundant flowering. Weather tolerant of both wind, sun and rain. Suitable for hanging baskets, window boxes or large containers. Only 4 or 5 plants needed for a 16" basket !

Please see our enormous list of Surfinia varieties below, all available during season.

Off the nursery in 9cm (3.5") pots £1.49 or 5 for £6.99

Plug plants online 10 for £9.90 (or £1.50 each) + £6.95 p+p. 


Surfinia Varieties and Colours Descriptions
Blue.  Deep Strong Blue.
Blue Vein. Pale Blue With Dark Vein.
Burgundy. Rich Wine Red.
Deep Red.  Bright Red.
Heavenly Blue. Deep Blue.
Hot Pink.  Vivid Florescent Pink.
Lime. Subtle And Soft Lime-Yellow Flowers.
Mini-Blast Rose. Pink Bicolour, Small Flowers.
Purple.  Large Purple Flowers, Vigorous Growth.
Yellow Impulz. Pale Yellow Flowers.
White. Plain White.

Surfinias tend to smother most other plants in the container, so are best planted on their own. Bidens Aurea (yellow flowers - see Patio plant section) is one plant that will mix as it escapes the basket with long arching foliage.

Sanguna Surfinias

Series of early, free flowering, semi-vigorous petunias. Unique colours. No pinching. Good weather tolerance. Suitable for baskets and containers. OK in mixed baskets.

Varieties and Colours Descriptions
Back to Black (Pegasus Range). Jet Black Flowers.
Banana Candy. Pale Yellow Flowers.
Banoffee Pie (Pegasus Range). Yellow Flowers With Black Star.
Black Mamba (Crazytunia). Jet Black Flowers.
Black Ray (Designer Range). Jet Black Flowers.
Blue Morn. Blue Flowers.
Blue Twirl (FP Select). White Centre with Dark Blue Edges.
Blue Vein. White Flower With Deep Blue Veins.
Blueberry Mint. Blue Flowers With Line Green Outside Edge.
Burgundy. Deep Burgundy Flowers.
Burgundy Bicolour (Pegasus Range). Burgundy Flowers With White Splashes.
Cascadias (Collection Range). Magenta Flowers With White Rims.
Cascadias Indian Summer (Collection Range). Orange Peach Mix.
Cha Ching (Mystical Range). Deep Red With Yellow Centre.
Cherry Cola (Designer Range). Deep Cherry Red.
Cherry Cheesecake (Crazytunia). White Flowers With Red Star.
Cherry Vanilla (Pegasus Range). Mixture Of Pale Red and Vanilla Flowers.
Cobalt Blue. Deep Blue.
Double Burgundy (Pegasus Range). Double Flowers, Burgundy.
Fiesta (Amore Range). Deep Purple With Yellow Star.
Giant Dijon. Bright Yellow Flowers.
Hot Rose Vein. Deep Bright Pink.
Inksplash (Designer Range). Deep Purple Flowers with Dash of White.
Joy (Amore Range). Deep Pink Flowers With White Star.
Lipstick. Bright Pink.
Mandeville (Crazytunia). Yellow Centre Going Into Deep Red.
Mango (Pegasus). Pink / Yellow Mixture Flowers.
Mini Double Black (Happy Magic Range). Jet Black Double Flowers.
Mio (Amore Range). White Flowers with Bright Pink Markings.
Pink Star (Designer Range). Light Pink With White Star.
Plum Vein. Purple Flower With Deeper Centre.
Purple Picotee (FP Select). Pink Centre Flowers With White Edge.
Purple Twirl. White Flower with Deep Purple Edge.
Purple Vein Ray. Light Purple Flowers With Darker Veins.
Queen Of Hearts (Amore Range). Red Flower With Red Star.
Red. Deep Red Flowers.
Royal Heart (Designer Range). Purple Vein Flower With Deep Centre.
Sunflower Ray. Black & Yellow Bicolour.
Starlight Blue. Deep Blue Flowers With Cream Star.
Violet Vein Double. Light Purple Double Flowers.

Tumbelina Surfinias

A vigorous series of strong double flowered petunias, having unique colours.

Varieties and Colours Descriptions
Pink Double Flowers
Rich Blue Double Flowers
Cherry Ripple Snazzy Cherry Red and White Bicolour
Candyfloss Slightly Paler Double pink Than Clara - Paling Lighter To The Edges
Damson Ripple Damson And White Colour Flowers
Francesca Pink and White Mixture
Inga Deep Red
Joanna Dark Mauve Double Centre Paling To Lilac At The Edges
Julia Lilac Flowers With Maroon Veins
Katrina Medium/Large Deep Purple Flowers
Margarita White With A Dark Vein
Maria Light Blue Flowers
Melissa A True Double Pure White
Priscilla Rich Purple Double Flowers, Fading Paler,Deeper Veins
Rosy Ripple Rose Pink Double With White Blotches At The Edges
Susanna A Cream Double Flower

Check out the Surfinias slideshow below:

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